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About US

We think you should know that price is only a small part of the equation while choosing a cleaner. Our total value package includes cleaning method, reputation, experience, convenience as well as competitive pricing. For over 25 Years we at Astor Dry cleaners ® continue to observe our cardinal rules of fast, friendly and high quality service at a moderate price. Astor Dry cleaners ® equips its stores with state-of-the-art machines to provide its customers with the finest care available for their clothes. In addition, we have a highly experienced and trained staff to provide the highest quality standards and fabric care.

What makes us better?

The first and only dry cleaner with the latest Hydrocarbon Technology & Italian Machines. The only Dry cleaning services in the city using the most advanced German Chemicals & Solvents. The first Dry cleaner in the Gurgaon & Faridabad city to introduce dedicated mobile app.

What we offer?

Affordable and Competitive Pricing Mobile and Web based free pickup and delivery services WhatsApp enabled 24*7 stay-in-touch facility We believe that everyone needs to do their bit in preserving environment. Therefore, in our attempt at adopting the eco-consciousness, we at Astor Dry-cleaners have turned over a new leaf. We are now among the 1% of the dry-cleaners nationwide that house the latest Hydrocarbon machine using non-toxic organic solvent to clean clothes without harming the environment. Not only that! Hydrocarbon usage entails no known health hazards and ensures that your clothes become cleaner,brighter, softer and odor-free. Moreover, it is much safer on beads, leather trims, and other plastic ornaments and prevents color bleeding- a major problem area in India ethnic wear. We, at Astor Dry-cleaners, like to offer our customers the latest in both Dry-cleaning and technology. In this endeavor, we have now introduced our own app, which will change the way you handle your Laundry. You can now: Monitor your current and past orders history. Get real time updates on your garment processing status. Schedule your order pick up at your own convenient time slot. Get updates on our latest discounts and offers. Pay your bills online

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